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Taking a patient into a pool is a start of using possibilities that dry land doesn’t provide. A pool e.g. offers space, supports body weight, slows down movements, prevents falling, influences breathing. Designing a customized treatment program is different and challenging. The experts will guide participants through a case, based on expertise, guidelines, research and patient values. The result of the clinical reasoning process will end into design of exercises that will make systems and tissues adapt, based on the specific characteristics of water.
The masterclass is grouped around 4 themes: adult neurology, neuropediatrics, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal.

The clinical experts will share their knowledge and skills by providing the background of their clinical decision making during their presentations in parallel workshops. In addition, they will give feedback, suggesting alternatives, point out details and stimulate solutions during round-table discussions about the cases presented by them.

Workshops will have a classroom component and of course also an aquatic part.


Conference presentations Leuven 2015

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Conference presentations Querétaro 2016


Conference presentations Mysore 2017

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