geigleThe Association IATF is happy that Paula Richley Geigle PT, PhD accepted the invitation to be our Honorary Member because of her outstanding work in aquatic therapy for many years. Paula works at the University Maryland Rehabilitation, Baltimore MD

The history

The Dutch Clinical Practice Guideline for Physical Therapy in patients with stroke (2014) has included a paragraph on hydrotherapy/aquatic therapy, mentioning in particular Halliwick and Ai Chi at page 33 (PDF).
Stating that there is level 1 evidence for chronic patients that hydrotherapy increases the muscle strength of the paretic leg of patients with a stroke.The guideline development team recommends considering hydrotherapy to increase muscle strength. This may involve aerobic training, functional gait training, or exercises using the WST-Halliwick and Ai Chi methods.

Note: The recommendation is based on literature till 2012, including a publication from Noh at al in Clinical Rehabilitation, and from Lambeck & Gamper , Lambeck & Bommer about Halliwick Aquatic Therapy (HAT) and Clinical Ai Chi (CAC) in Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy. The guideline development team expects a need for an update within 2 years in view of the increasing amount of publications, which also holds true for HAT and CAC.

The Turkish colleague Dr. Hülya Yücel recently published a book about aquatic therapy: Yücel H. (2015). Su Içi Rehabilitasyon. Istanbul: Tip Kitabevi. www.istanbultip.com.tr ISBN: 978-605-4949-28-1.
She is active in aquatic therapy since many years and participated in the Valens course in 2008. She teaches (amongst others) aquatic therapy at the Bezmialem Vakif University in Istanbul.
The book contains chapters about the concepts and techniques as taught in the IATF courses.

The Halliwick-ICF  (HICF) assessment is based on the Water Orientation Test Alyn 2 (WOTA 2) by Ruthy Tirosh. WOTA 2 has been tested for reliability and content-validity, HICF hasn't yet. HICF is not following the 10 Points, but rather follows subcategories of the ICF Mobility at the domain of activities and participation. HICF has been completed with some items from an assessment that had been made by James McMillan.

In May 2013, the EasySwim company asked the Dutch Halliwick Association to write a "position statement" about the use of the Easyswim in Halliwick. The board has discussed this item and has written  statement that van be downloaded underneath.

 HIER is te downloaden.

Johan Lambeck
chair NHV

pictogrammen2Halliwick pictograms are now available: 65 different ones,from mental adjustment to basic movement. They are A4 size and made from thin PVC plastic with the black/white pics imprinted
The pics will cost about € 6 per pic (excl 20% VAT and shipping). 

The pics are sold by the Dutch company Aqua-Health Info by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

EWAC is the leading company worldwide in aquatic therapy equipment and aquatic therapy pool design.

EWAC supports their products with evidence based information about aquatic therapy in order to provide customers with a state-of-the-art concept. EWAC has launched a unique project: the EWAC library.
The library consists of 3 sections: selected PowerPoints, links to recent and free aquatic therapy publications and the publication platform of unpublished theses and conference posters.

We invite you to access the library and to provide us your thesis, conference poster and links: Website

Johan Lambeck, Allied health advisor
Aquatic Therapy Consultancy Board

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