IATA ChinaIATA-China now is managing the aquatic facility of the United Family Hospital in Beijing and is hiring 2 aquatic physical therapists: neurology and musculoskeletal. See: http://www.iatachina.org/show-4-60-1.html




The Association IATF signed a contract for a strategic cooperation to develop aquatic therapy in China, together with the Beijing Hang Biao Shui Yu Health and Management LTD (HBSY).

HBSY launched IATA-China: International Aquatic Therapy Association-China and is building up a network which included e.g. the United Family Rehabilitation Hospital in Beijing.

The first courses: WST-Halliwick 10 Point-Programme and Clinical Ai Chi have been given successfully in August 2016. There were 2 important appointments:

- Anne Bommer as Member of the Advisory Council and Chair of the Disability Group of IATA-China

- Johan Lambeck as Honorary Chair of IATA China

Media reports of the foundation of IATA China:
1) Beijing Municipal sports bureau of sport
2) General Administration of Sport of China
3) Beijing TV station sport channel report


There are five responsibilities for IATA China in this strategic cooperation, in which IATF will support accordig to it's constitution and agreement with HBSY

  1. Enrich association contents: Promoting cooperation between national research and cooperation in scientific research, enterprise and other association research and other horizontal cooperation;
  2. Extend the window of association: to promote related branch cooperation,  to establish a dual-language platform in both Chinese and English.
  3. Building up Leadership: to promote leadership development and design proper mechanism in operational management.
  4. Promoting marketing: through industry magazines, newsletters, conferences, forums to increase the awareness and gain support from various stakeholders by both increasing individual members and organizational members.
  5. Organizing activities: to develop various types of regional and thematic activities; including academic conferences, seminars, forums, workshops, certificate courses and so on.

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