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Sun City, Arizona, USA
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The Bad Ragaz Ring Method is known to be based on PNF and at the moment about 20 patterns are taught in courses. In the last 5 years, the Swiss lecturer team has included various contemporary topics that fit perfectly in Bad Ragaz. Examples are:

- Reversals of antagonists: Reversals increase strength much more than contractions in one direction

- Combination of isotonics: the eccentric component is very important to balance inflammation reactions in e.g. tendons

- proprioceptive discrimination training in an environment in which pain is "under the radar", e.g. in low back pain

- three-dimensional movements are essential to a proper mechanotransduction, using fascia properties

- tensegrity of intramuscular fascia can be trained by smooth variable contractions and add to fascia resilience

Most of these topics will be presented for time in the USA

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