Absolute Authority --- EWAC Netherlands B.V.

Johan is an absolute authority in the knowledge field of aquatic therapy. I have never met anyone who can explain and scientifically support the therapy to me as a lay person as he can. Besides his huge academic knowledge, Johan has a strong practical background, which enables him also to practically demonstrate what he explains and teaches in the classroom.

Johan is a proficient speaker who can catch the audience with lively presentations. Johan plays an active role in the proliferation of knowledge on the subject of aquatic therapy by publishing his own work, and supporting the publication of work from others on the EWAC Library where he functions as a member of the consultancy board."

Eric Legdeur, Owner/Manager

Uiterst deskundig --- Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut

(NPi) staat voor 'Kennis in beweging' en is o.a. het grootste bij- en nascholingsinstituut voor fysiotherapeuten in Nederland.
We zijn heel blij met de samenwerking met Johan Lambeck die voor het NPi al een groot aantal jaren cursussen verzorgt in of rondom het water.

Anno 2015/2016 geeft Johan een cursus in twee weekenden voor het NPi, te weten: Praktijkcursus hydrotherapie: casus-gestuurde interventie technieken.

De laatste jaren zien we een toenemende belangstelling voor hydrotherapie en Water Specifieke Therapie niet in de laatste plaats door de uiterst deskundige wijze waarop Johan en zijn team  invulling geven aan de hydrotherapie-cursussen binnen het NPi. Voor alle scholingsthema's zoeken wij altijd de beste cursusleiders en kerndocenten. Wat betreft hydrotherapie is dat zonder enige twijfel gelukt!

Wij hopen dat Johan ook de komende jaren voor het NPi nog vele weekenden vrij kan maken in zijn zeer drukke internationale agenda.

Harm Askes, hoofd Deskundigheidsbevordering NPi (www.npi.nl)

Turning a new page for Chinese Aquatic Therapy ---- Dr Tong Sun, Beijing

Johan Lambeck and Anne Bommer (from the Swiss Association IATF) have turned a new page for Aquatic Therapy in China. Absolutely, it is a little step for man, but, a giant leap for Chinese therapists who have been  devoting to this promising field. Honestly, Johan and Anne are very dynamic and engaging in the course. I have learned a lot. The Ai Chi skills and Halliwick movements are physically beneficial to help the patients restore the normal functions in their post-operative  rehabilitation period. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have to recognize it; I usually focus on the surgical techniques, just satisfied with clinical results in fixing the complicated fractures and excellent post- operative films, rather than rehabilitation. I have participated in many different orthopedic conferences to discuss many difficult cases, but ignored the very important part of the treatment. It is absolutely wrong! And, it is time to change my ideology.  After the course, I have enrolled several Ai Chi movements to help an old female patient with comminuted fracture in proximal humerus. I deeply believe the outcomes will be amazing. I am very proud to be part of the first class of  Aquatic Therapy in China.
Thank you Johan and Anne!

Halliwick verändert Therapieansätze grundlegend --- Frank Schilke, Rehabilitationszentrum Lippoldsberg, Deutschland

Wir waren auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Konzept für unsere neurologischen Frührehapatienten im Bewegungsbad. Bei dieser Suche stießen wir auf das Halliwick-Konzept und die Wasserspezifische Therapie. Wir entschieden uns Herrn Lambeck einzuladen um in unserer Klinik eine interdisziplinäre Fortbildung auf das Halliwick-Konzept zu halten.
An der theoretischen Einführung nahmen Ärzte aus den Fachbereichen Innere Medizin und Neurologie, Vertreter unserer Ergotherapie-Schule und Therapeuten der Physikalischen-, Physio-, Ergo- und Neuropsychologischen-Abteilung teil. Herr Lambeck vermittelte sehr anschaulich und mit seiner speziellen humorvollen Art, die positive Wirkung des Wassers auf das neuronale System (Neuroprotektion), die hydromechanischen Effekte und die sich daraus ergebende Sturzprevention. Viele Kontraindikationen, die in unseren Köpfen für die Wassertherapie saßen, wurden ebenfalls ausgeräumt und wir erkannten, dass eigentlich all unsere Patienten ins Wasser können.
Bevor es zur praktischen Umsetzung ins Wasser ging, lieferten uns Videos von Patientenbehandlungen erste Eindrücke. Nach einigen Stunden im Wasser, kamen alle zu der Erkenntnis, dass in dieser Art der Wassertherapie ein sehr großes Potential für die therapeutischen Erfolge bei unseren Patienten liegt. Wie groß das Potential ist, zeigten uns noch zwei Patientendemonstrationen durch Herrn Lambeck.
Seit der Fortbildung haben wir die Anzahl der Behandlungen im Bewegungsbad deutlich gesteigert und sehen bei unseren Patienten wie sehr sie davon profitieren.
Die fachübergreifende Zusammensetzung der Therapeuten wirkte sich zudem sehr positiv auf die interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit in der Klinik aus und wird durch regelmäßig stattfindende Workshops weiter gepflegt.

Vielen Dank für die unvergessenen Tage, die Inspirationen und den Spaß, den sie uns an der Arbeit im Wasser vermittelt haben.

Frank Schilke, Rehabilitationszentrum Lippoldsberg, Deutschland

Dynamic & brainstorming course: Hamad Medical Centre, Qatar ---- Susan Ibrahim, Bin Omran

We are glad to have had the workshop on Water Specific Therapy in the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute, conducted by our Physiotherapy department in Hamad Medical Centre (HMC) in March 2017. We are really proud to acquire the knowledge and skills on Water Specific Therapy, Halliwick and Ai chi from a veteran, dynamic and legendary instructor Mr. Johan Lambeck. He is the experienced master in this field who is so friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. His explanations and demonstration on various concepts, clinical reasoning and evidence based practices helped us gain specific skills and encourages us to do more research in the field. Mr.Lambeck allow the participants to think out of the box.

On the other hand the course was dynamic & brainstorming, The theoretical part is attractive & the practice was motivating. The practical part also was very helpful , work related, new techniques & methods were presented especially in the field of group therapy & interactive exercises. Lively demonstrations covers various & wide topics in our field.

We like to thank Mr.Lambeck & our Physiotherapy administration for organizing such a wonderful opportunity for us.
Susan Ibrahim, pediatric supervisor, Physical Therapy Department,
Bin Omran, HMC Qatar

Versorgung mit Ideen und Anregungen ---  Claudia Wutzke, Coburg (D)

Unsere Einrichtung, eine Schule für Körperbehinderte Kinde und Jugendliche, lud Herrn Lambeck im Februar2016 für 3 Tage ein, um uns eine Einführung in die Halliwick Wasserspezifische Therapie zu geben.
Herr Lambeck konnte uns mit seiner humorvollen Art, seinem umfangreichen theoretischen Wissen und seinen vielen praktischen Erfahrungen mitreißen.
Die Aufmerksamkeit und Neugierde der Teilnehmer, sowie das Vertrauen der Kinder und Jugendlichen im Wasser hatte er schnell gewonnen. Mit Filmmaterial konnte er die theoretischen Abhandlungen mit seinen vielen eigenen Beispielen aus der Praxis untermauern.

Er versorgte uns mit neuen Ideen und Anregungen. Allerdings hätte der Kurs ein bis zwei Tage länger sein dürfen, um noch detaillierter Befundungen zu besprechen, Behandlungen individuell festzulegen, zu üben und dann auch auszuwerten.

Claudia Wutke, Physiotherapeutin Private Schule für Körperbehinderte
Coburg, Deutschland

Shaping Aquatic Physical Therapy ---  C.G. Prashanth, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dharwad, India

The Teacher who has no inhibitions to share and leads us to think in a systematic manner through evidence, assignments and clinical cases is the right person to learn from. Having a vast  experience in teaching with a clinical background and having worked with founders, Johan Lambeck is the right ambassador in shaping Aquatic Physical Therapy. We were happy to have him with us in India to begin the chapter of WST & BRRM the first certification program.
C.G. Prashanth, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dharwad, India

Johan un gran profesional, docente y ser humano --- Jenny Osorio, physiotherapist at SaludGaia, Cali, Colombia

Me siento orgullosa de haber tenido la oportunidad en nuestro país de recibir el entrenamiento en WST - Halliwick con Johan. Primero por el contenido teorico y practico que se desarrollo y segundo porque trasciende de los conceptos teóricos a motivarnos e incentivar la creatividad, el análisis e investigación en nuestro ejercicio profesional. Nos muestra su calidad humana y amor por nuestra profesión. Johan un gran profesional, docente y ser humano. Gracias por compartirlo con nosotros!!!

Doesn’t get dull listening to him --- Heidi Abrahamsson, Kira Durchman and Hanna Rinkinen, Finland

Johan Lambeck has twice given courses (2014 and 2015) in WST in Finland.

Johan is an inspiring lecturer with a great sense of humor and it doesn’t get dull listening to him. He delivers new aspects in water therapy and enriches his lectures with many video examples. He has given us a great deal of new tools through Halliwick WST.

As physiotherapists and special swimming teachers we can highly recommend him as a lecturer and as a teacher of new practices in the pool.

“I´ve been working with aquatherapy for many years in many countries.  It was very refressening to meet Johan in Helsinki 2015. He has such a humble and humouristic approach in his teaching.  He gave me new ideas and tools to use in practise. Thank You Johan for your inspiration!”
Heidi Abrahamsson, Physiotherapist

Kira Durchman
Physiotherapist (NDT),The Ruskis unit of Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting
Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation(FSL) Instructor

Hanna Rinkinen
Physiotherapist, Lymphatherapist, Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (FSL) Instructor

Particulièrement impressionné --- Å. Ponsot-Gyllunger, Genève

Merci beaucoup pour ce matin de supervision. C’était très agréable et riche. Tu nous a donné pleins d’idées pour la suite. Tu nous a particulièrement impressionné dans ta prise en charge auprès de XX, petite fille (syndrome dysmorphie-génétique avec autisme) qui nous pose beaucoup de soucis. Du coup nous avons des nouvelles outils pour la suite.

 Å. Ponsot-Gyllunger PT
Ecole la Petite Arche, Genève

Amazing --- Kiki Dickinson MPT, St. Croix Therapy, Hudson, Wisconsin, USA, Participated in the BRRM and CAC courses in Sun city, USA, 2015

It was amazing, the best aquatic classes I have been to!! Thank you so much. I hope to come to Halliwick next Spring! So glad to meet you. I wonder if they even know what an amazing wealth of knowledge and instructor they have in your country!

Johan is more than a teacher -- Inertia Therapy Services, Phoenix, USA

Halliwick Aquatic Therapy (as taught in April 204 in Phoenix) is more than a technique. It is a concept that flows from the principles of kinesiology and requires a balanced understanding of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.

Likewise, Johan is more than a teacher. His drive for educating the medical community is only surpassed by his evident passion for the patients that benefit from his expertise.

As an instructor, Johan is dynamic and engaging. He easily adjusts his communication style to conform to his audience. Johan not only clearly explains what evidence is available, but he also encourages you to pursue additional research so desperately needed in the field. It is clear why Johan is the leading expert in Halliwick Water Specific Therapy and also a principal voice in aquatics.

Stacy Lynch, PTA, CPT, GAq
Director of Programming at Inertia Therapy Services"

Far reaching value -- Dori Maxon, San Francisco

I’ve wanted to take the Halliwick Aquatic Therapy Certification course for years from Johan Lambeck PT (the master), which was made possible by Stacy Lynch of Inertia Therapy Services in April 2014 in Phoenix AZ.

Johan is extraordinarily knowledgeable and the number one teacher in the world on this topic. What I learned in this course has changed how I look at treatment and how we train our staff.  The value of this training and technique is far reaching and will continue expand for me in time. I can’t wait to take a refresher course to learn more! Thank you!

I am very proud to be part of the first class of Halliwick Aquatic Therapy Certified practitioners in the country. Thanks to Inertia for this wonderful course and for bringing Johan to the states. This course has and will continue to change the way we deliver care to our pediatric clients! THANK YOU!!

Dori Maxon PT MEd
Special Needs aquatics Program
San Francisco

Sin duda totalmente recomendable -- CRIT-Teleton Estado de México Tlalnepantla

Fue un placer  contar con la presencia  de un experto  en Terapia Acuática como lo es Johan Lambeck en México, nos compartió sus conocimientos pero sobre todo su amplia experiencia  en el tema. Fue un curso enriquecedor  ya que no solamente es Teórico, es totalmente práctico lo cual es  muy didáctico, Nos dio las herramientas para brindarles a nuestros pacientes una alternativa divertida  para complementar su rehabilitación  dando un enfoque positivo  y sobre todo  respaldado científicamente.
Agradecemos  todas sus atenciones y esperando en un futuro próximo contar nuevamente con su  presencia

LFT. Cinthya Isabel Ruiz Alvarez del Castillo , Diciembre 2014

Cambio la terapia acuatica --- CRIT-Teleton Irapuata (mx)

Excelente curso (Abril 2013), cambio nuestra forma de realizar la terapia acuática, ahora tenemos un enfoque mas funcional hacia la rehabilitación, mejoro nuestros conceptos y seguridad en la valoración y aplicación  del tratamiento, gracias Johan por compartir tus experiencias y conocimientos.

Josué Islas Castelan
Coordenador de Terapias

Encouraging new projects --- Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir

Aquatic therapy is a fairly new concept for Turkiye even though some of the oldest spas were located in the border of Turkey. We are proud to say that Dokuz Eylül University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is the first school in Turkiye which commences the evidence based aquatic therapy education. However we should thank Johan Lambeck for all his support and contributions on both for aquatic therapy education and practice.

It is always a pleasure to listen his actual and scientifically supported presentations. His practical sessions were not only informative but enjoyable and inspiring.

His passion to his work and his diligence encourage us for new projects such as Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy Congress 2013 in İzmir.

Working with such a consummate professional like him is always an honor and hope to see him again in the near future.

Mehtap Malkoç
Director of DEU School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

A major resource to the field --- NASMI, Washington State University

It has been a true pleasure to work with with Johan over the past several decades, in our collaborations on aquatic therapy education both within the USA and internationally. Johan is a wellspring of energy and knowledge, dedicated to furthering the science and practice of aquatic therapy, and a true educator. He has contributed excellent chapters to the last 2 editions of my textbook, "Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy," greatly enhancing the value of the book. I view him as a major resource to the field.

Bruce E. Becker, MD, MS
Director, National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute
Washington State University

Enseignement de qualité en Suisse --- Halliwick Suisse / Switzerland

Depuis de nombreuses années, Johan enseigne Halliwick en Suisse et nous en avons toujours été pleinement satisfaits.
Son enseignement est de très grande qualité tant au niveau pratique que théorique, pédagogique et humain.
Johan est toujours disposé à adapter ses cours à nos demandes.
Nous apprécions son intérêt pour la recherche et son professionnalisme dans de nombreux domaines qui contribuent à faire évoluer la méthode.
Les cours se déroulent dans une atmosphère conviviale favorable aux échanges et à l'apprentissage.
Les participants viennent de différents horizons: éducateurs, enseignants spécialisés, physiothérapeutes, ergothérapeutes, moniteurs de sports, proches de personnes handicapées.
Tous repartent du cours de Johan pleinement motivés avec le bagage qui leur est nécessaire dans leurs activités spécifiques.
Nous espérons pouvoir bénéficier des connaissances et de l'excellent enseignement de Johan encore pendant de nombreuses années.

Successor of James McMillan ---- Halliwick German Switzerland

Als Nachfolger von James McMillan unterrichtet Johan Lambeck seit 1995 in der Deutschschweiz: Halliwick Grund- und Aufbaukurse, sowie Weiterbildungen und bringt sein grosses Wissen und jahrzehntelange Erfahrungen in die Kurse mit ein. Dabei sind seine Kenntnisse immer auf dem neuesten Stand.
Maria Küng
Sekretariat Halliwick Deutschschweiz

Grandes beneficios --- Upace, Unión Parálysis Cerebral: Jerez, Spain

El pasado mes de Abril pudimos contar de nuevo con Johan Lambeck, que volvía a traer de la mano el curso de "Terapia acuática en neurología y pediatría, basado en Halliwick" a Jerez.
Durante esos días nos ha guiado mientras experimentábamos con la mecánica de fluidos y la forma en que un cuerpo se desenvuelve en el agua, para después aplicarlo a nuestros pacientes en el agua. La destreza en la técnica que demuestra se mezclaba con un gran ambiente en el grupo, de forma que el aprendizaje se producía de forma muy motivante.
Los conocimientos actualizados en control motor, investigación y evaluación los trasmite con una metodología didáctica impecable, de forma que los alumnos descubren muchas herramientas para su práctica cotidiana y reciclan su saber profesional. El dominio de su asistente, Javier Güeita, refuerzan el carácter científico del evento.
No podemos más que agradecer el esfuerzo que está haciendo para en difundir una corriente terapéutica que reporta grandes beneficios en nuestros usuarios y pacientes, y desear que vuelva a repetirse muchas veces en el futuro.

Many new ideas and tools --- La Fundación Pita López, Madrid, Spain

It has been an honour for us to be able to benefit from the experience and knowledge of Johan Lambeck in Madrid. He has a wealth of up-to-date knowledge to share, both regarding research in physiotherapy and the latest developments in the field of rehabilitation, and this has is reflected in his classes. As a teacher, he has been able to introduce new concepts and he has given us ideas and tools that we are able to apply in the clinic with our patients.

The course has given us many new ideas and it has shown us that there are many useful elements to consider within acquatic therapy, as well as knowledge regarding designing individualized water-based treatments. Johan has helped severely affected patients to remain active, independent and experiment with new sensations such as the effects of flotation. During the practical sessions he was able to bring the group together, introducing a number of games and activities in the water.

We hope that in the near future Johan will come back to Spain so that we can continue to benefit and learn from these excellent courses.

Para nosotros ha sido un honor poder contar con la experiencia y la sabiduría de Johan Lambeck en Madrid. Ha demostrado tener un gran conocimiento actualizado sobre la investigación en fisioterapia y sobre los últimos avances en el campo de la rehabilitación lo cual se ha visto reflejado en sus clases.
Como docente ha sido capaz de introducir los conceptos nuevos y nos a dado ideas y herramientas para poder aplicar en la clínica con los pacientes.

Nos ha gustado porque nos ha dado ideas porque entendemos que hay muchas mas cosas útiles dentro de la terapia acuática. Saber que se puede hacer en el agua de forma individualizada.

Ha hecho que los pacientes con gran discapacidad a mantenerse activo mostrarles a ser independientes y experimentar con los efectos de la flotación. Nos ha dado estrategias para el tratamiento, progresión de la secuencia. Igualmente durante las clases ha sido capaz de unir al grupo para realizar las prácticas, introduciendo juegos y actividades didácticas en el agua.

En el futuro nos encantaría poder contar con su presencia en España y continuar con el aprendizaje de sus excelentes cursos.

Equipo terapeutico

Back home fully satisfied --- Hidrokinesis Mendoza Argentina

We have always wanted to bring Johan Lambeck to Argentina since we knew him. He's been coming from 2008 once a year and the results are great. People come to the courses because they are eager to know the methods Johan teaches, and they go back home fully satisfied.
We have found his performance has always been highly professional as well as updated.
His innovative speeches make the intercommunication easier and more effective generating satisfactory results, because people interact every now and then when the situation requires it, and he allows that to happen during the whole course.
All of us are very thankful of sharing his knowledge, experiences and advises, and we look forward to keep on bringing him to Argentina in the upcoming years to continue with the development of aquatic therapies.

Remarkable growth --- IATF-Korea

It is always an honor to have Mr. Johan Lambeck in Korea every year since 1997. He cooperated also with the Korean Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy (KAAPT) and we have held a variation of courses related to aquatic (physical) therapy: Halliwick, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Aquatic relaxation, special course in Pediatrics, Neurology or Orthopedics, and so on. More than 1000 participants in Korea have completed one of his courses became an aquatic physical therapy specialist. It is not too much to say that his dedicated work and consistent support helped the remarkable growth of aquatic therapy in Korea. Aquatic therapy is now regarded as one of outstanding treatments in rehabilitation. Many of the MSc and PhD students have published their theses with topics of aquatic therapy. In terms of infrastructure, sizable hospitals and federal governments became interested in aquatic therapy, and well-designed facilities have been established across the country. Eventually, this trend leads to increase opportunities for patients to choose when they consider their treatment. Currently, we plan to open more lectures to other health professions and the public as well as to physical therapists to satisfy needs of people who want to improve their health function. The KAAPT deeply appreciates Johan's effort and contribution to introduce aquatic therapy in Korea, and hopes that this successful relationship between the KAAPT and Johan Lambeck will last in the future.

Prof Kim T-Y, PhD († 2011) Dongshin University, Naju. President of IATF-Korea

Every year new improvements --- Hidrovida centro de atividades aquáticas: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Há mais de 10 anos que organizamos cursos de fisioterapia aquática de Johan Lambeck no Brasil. Acompanhamos o crescimento e a solidificação do programa e da estrutura pedagógica. O ensino dos métodos fundamentais (Halliwick, Terapia Específica na Água, Bad Ragaz, Relaxamento) evoluiu para incluir outros tópicos relevantes à atuação fisioterápica e à correta e eficaz aplicação dos métodos: raciocínio clínico, compatibilização com a CIF, pesquisa de evidências na Internet, avaliações no solo e na água. A prática com pacientes participantes dos cursos é fundamental. A cada ano, traz aprimoramentos e informações atuais sobre o estado da arte da fisioterapia em geral e da aquática em particular, refletindo sua participação em cursos e congressos e permitindo-lhe familiarizar-se e tomar conhecimento do que ocorre no mundo inteiro, característica ímpar, tornando-o um elo de ligação entre profissionais nos diversos continentes. Sua permanente campanha e pregação em assegurar o nível de qualidade das técnicas e métodos está associada à intensa agenda de formação de fisioterapeutas e de instrutores em fisioterapia aquática. Assim como a atuação de James McMillan no estabelecimento dos fundamentos da moderna fisioterapia aquática na segunda metade do séc. XX, a atuação de Johan Lambeck no início do séc. XXI em manter vivos, aprimorar e disseminar estes fundamentos, além de aglutinar pessoas, constitui um marco na história da fisioterapia aquática.

We have been organizing Johan Lambeck´s aquatic physiotherapy courses in Brazil for over 10 years. We followed the growth and the strengthening of its program and pedagogic structure. The teaching of the base methods (Halliwick, Water Specific Therapy, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Relaxation) developed to include other topics relevant to the physiotherapic work and to the effective and correct use of the methods: clinical reasoning, compatibility with the ICF, search for evidences in the Internet, assessments in dryland and in water. Pratice with patients during the courses is essential. Every year, new improvements and updated information are brought about the state of art of physiotherapy in general and aquatic physiotherapy in particular, reflecting his participation in courses and congresses and enabling him to get acquainted and aware of what is going on all over the world, a unique feature, turning him a link between professionals from all continents. His permanent campaign and preach to assure the level of quality of techniques and methods cojoins his intensive schedule of courses to educate physiotherapists in aquatic physiotherapy, as well as instructors. Alike James McMillan´s activities in the late XX Century in setting the foundations of the modern aquatic physiotherapy, Johan Lambeck´s activities in the early XXI Century to keep alive, improve and spread around those foundations, apart from linking people, are a milestone as well in the history of aquatic physiotherapy.

Gran difusión y maestría - Langreon, Asturias-Es

El curso Halliwick en Neurología-Asturias (Julio 2013) ha sido una experiencia muy enriquecedora para todos por la maestría de Johan Lambeck, que ha sido capaz de dar a conocer la terapia acuática, basada en evidencia científica, de una manera clara, sencilla y motivante para quienes hemos tenido el placer de compartir sus conocimientos en este ámbito tan específico.

La divulgación a través de los medios de comunicación ha puesto en conocimiento la terapia acuática y sus beneficios a diferentes instituciones públicas. Todo ello no hubiera sido posible si no fuera por el gran interés que ha suscitado la presencia de Johan Lambeck en Asturias, que, confiamos, volvamos a reencontrarnos de nuevo.

Hugo Raúl Castellanos Lorenzo.

Fondue aquatiqie - Beau Sejour, Geneva

Halliwick thérapeutique

Je suis venu au stage/cours Halliwick Thérapeutes car, dans ma pratique aquatique, je me trouvais dans une sorte de confrontation avec mes patients. Je voulais qu'ils suivent la bonne progression que je leur proposais, alors qu'ils s'entêtaient à faire autrement et à rester dans leurs travers. Je pensais qu'en mettant un peu de ludique là-dedans, ils suivraient "mon droit chemin". C'était sans compter avec cette formation qui allait m'ouvrir à une autre vision des choses.
Au cours de ce stage, Johan a souvent comparé son travail à la réalisation d'une fondue. La qualité de la fondue obtenue étant le résultat du choix et du mélange des ingrédients.
J'ai donc essayé de découvrir comment Johan fait sa fondue Halliwick thérapeutique. Sous des apparences de facilité et de badinerie se cache une démarche méthodologique et des connaissances techniques très poussées.

Le principe de base :
• analyser le problème du patient à sec,
• choisir avec lui une ligne d'action
"Comme dans l'eau, c'est un peu différent qu'à sec mais pas vraiment", il exploitera au mieux les propriétés de ce milieu sur la base des dix points de la méthode Halliwick. Mais avant de se lancer, il recherche une échelle de mesure adaptée à la situation du patient pour évaluer l'efficacité de la séance en pratiquant cette mesure avant et après le traitement. Voilà pour la première étape.

Pourla fondue, il faut du liquide, du fromage et de la chaleur et on en met plus ou moins selon les convives. Maintenant il faut procéder avec méthode. Tout d'abord, le choix des ingrédients et leur quantité. Et c'est là que Johan est un thérapeute hors pair car il possède des connaissances taxinomiques de toutes les pathologies, des facteurs de risque de toutes les techniques rééducatives, de toutes les formes du travail musculaire, de sa physiologie et de ses effets psychiques. A ceci, il faut ajouter l'intégration très précise des aspects psychologiques du patient. Et c'est en activant de façon réfléchie et dirigée toutes les touches de ce véritable orgue que cet organiste virtuose va pouvoir construire sa séance et amener le patient à transcender ses capacités motrices.
Johan se défend de faire de la cybernétique, mais je pense que comme Monsieur Jourdain, il en fait sans le savoir car ce processus est évolutif et s'adapte en permanence aux réactions du patient.

Et pour la touche finale, Johan vous apprendra aussi à construire la présentation de votre travail à un médecin, à un collègue ou à un patient.
Voilà le survol de cette formation et comme le talent est constitué de 90% de travail, je ne peux que vous encourager à vous lancer !

Jean-Claude Kessareff
Physiothérapeute Beau-Séjour
University hospitals, Genève

Enriched clinical thinking: Filoktitis rehabilitation centre, Athens, Greece

The  “Water specific therapy in neurological adult” course was completed with success at Filoktitis Rehabilitation center (Athens, Greece) in February 2014.  19 participants attended the course from the Greek rehabilitation field . The theory part was very interesting and updated with the new elements in aquatic therapy. The practice was applications of Halliwick in neurologic patients based on clinical reasoning and evidence based theory. The patient’s demonstration therapy from Johan Lambeck gave the participants the opportunity to enrich their clinical thinking and alternatives ways to manage the  neurologic patient. It was a great seminar.!! Thank you Johan!!  
Efthymia Vagena
Senior aquatic therapist

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